Hello everyone!

Thank you all for playing our game!

We have improved the HP-ST design in battles and menus! The interface looks beautiful now! We brought several improvements to the battle system this time.

The major bugs we have solved this time was:

  • The Save bug: the save wind longer freezes for some users.

  • The Battle animation bug: we solved all bugs related to battle animations. They look great now!

We have new battle mechanics:

  • Adaptive turns: Party order will change in real-time according to players' changes.

  • Turn order display: Now you can preview the player order prior to planning your strategies.

  • Break Shield: Opponents now present a shield system. If you break the shields they reach the Vulnerable state.

  • Weakness Display: Every opponent now has several icons revealing their weaknesses. If you hit an enemy with one of their weaknesses, you will deal extra damage.

We are also pleased to announce a new skill for battles:

  • Reveal I - skill: This is a new Ranger skill. It reveals the enemy's weakness. One by one.

We are also pleased to announce new equipment:

  • Binoculars - equip: This is a new accessory. It reveals the enemy's weakness. One by one.

If you want to read about other Dino Hazard projects, like the upcoming comics series, the figures, books, etc:

Our website: https://en.dinohazard.com

Our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dino.hazard/

Our Twitter:


Our Discord: https://discord.gg/H67t5pztqF

Our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/colecionadoresdeossos

May you have a fine weekend.

A Jurassic hug for you,


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Hello everyone!

A lot of players from the Brazilian community asked us to anticipate the Portuguese localization of the game. I have been working on a multilanguage system for this game for the past weeks. This will allow both several localizations and continuous game updates. We are happy to announce we now have a Portuguese-BR localization starting from version!

The next language localization is Russian!

We also solved several minor bug fixes during this week. Some players also wrote to us asking for faster battles. We had reprogrammed the opponents, the skills, and the battles too. The game is flowing must faster now.

I will concentrate on polishing the battle system for the next weeks.

May you all have a great gaming weekend!

Jurassic hug,



Olá, todo mundo.

Muita gente da comunidade brasileira de jogadores pediu que adiantássemos a tradução para Português. Passei estas últimas semanas implantando um sistema que me permitirá ter várias línguas no jogo, enquanto posso atualizar o projeto sem problemas. Estamos felizes de anunciar que temos a localização em Português a partir da versão!

O próximo idioma a ter localização na beta é o Russo!

Mas, também, resolvemos vários bugs menores ao longo da semana. A pedido de alguns jogadores que nos escreveram, reequilibramos os oponentes, as batalhas e as habilidades, também. O jogo está com passo ainda mais rápido agora.

Vou me concentrar nas próximas semanas no refinamento das batalhas.

Bom jogo no final de semana!

Abraço jurássico,

Colecionadores de Ossos.

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