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'Hidden Reality', book in Portuguese

Book "Hidden Reality", new (sealed).

Author: Tito Aureliano

Publisher: Novo Século.

"If you like dinosaurs, adventure and science fiction, you'll love this tale of time travel written by a real-life dinosaur hunter!" (Steve Brusatte, paleontologist at the University of Edinburgh and author of 'The rise and fall of dinosaurs')

"Finally, a dignified tribute to 'Jurassic Park'. And it's from Brazil!" (Read or not Read channel)

"An absurdly creative central idea." (Pirula, co-author of "Darwin without Freshness")

"Intense plot, full of action (...) It is very rare to be able to relate to a book not only by the theme, but also by the place where the story takes place." (Atila Iamarino, Canal Nerdologia)

"It is surprising and of infinite pride to see that works like this are national. Our authors go to great lengths to create a brilliantly creative story!" (Today is a book day!)

A percentage of the Dino Hazard franchise's sales is destined to scientific research and dissemination of Paleontology.

*About the author:

Tito Aureliano was born in 1989. A Pernambuco-Brasilian, paleontologist with a degree in Geology, he has been involved in academic research for the past 8 years, focused on studies of morphometry, growth and metabolism of dinosaurs and other arcosaurs. He is also dedicated to spreading science to the general public, with the company of his wife, paleontologist Dr. Aline Ghilardi. Since his graduation, he has won several awards for his work in science and efforts to disseminate it to the public in Brazil.

'Hidden Reality', book in Portuguese

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