'Irritator' mug (skeleton)

Dino Hazard collection mug

This mug illustrates the skeletal reconstruction of one of the most famous carnivorous dinosaurs from Brazil, the Irritator challengeri , a Spinosaurinae from southern Ceará.

Art print on frosted glass mug. There may be subtle changes in the design of the mug. Quality and elegance are guaranteed.

Skeletal reconstruction performed by Tito Aureliano for the scientific article:

AURELIANO, Tito et al. Semi-aquatic adaptations in a spinosaur from the Lower Cretaceous of Brazil. Cretaceous Research, v. 90, p. 283-295, 2018.

A percentage of the Dino Hazard franchise's sales is destined to scientific research and dissemination of Paleontology.

'Irritator' mug (skeleton)